Always alongside you and on your side. To ensure that your rights are respected, I make use of many years of experience, as well as a knowledge of the legislative framework and the government structures.

My activities are based on the principles of legality, confidentiality, trust, integrity, openness and humanity.

I will present legally safe ways of solving your problems, avoiding protracted litigation where possible, and I will warn you of the probable consequences. The decision and the choice are up to you!


Consultation on issues relating to the law and contractual relationships – in Russian, German and English.


I will represent your interests before government agencies, as well as in the resolution of private disputes.


I will support your commercial and private interests in Germany.


I will defend your interests before administrative and investigative authorities, as well as in court.


I engage in what I understand and nothing more. I advise clients and represent their interests in the fields of law in which I have experience and qualifications.

Legal consultations


Years of practice in jurisprudence




Cases heard in court

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